SeniorNet Courses

  • How to use a computer – Operating Systems and basic applications
  • Word processing – Introductory courses and Application Courses
  • Use of Email
  • Internet – including avoidance of dangers.
  • Use of Internet protocol for telephone communications (VoIP)
  • Internet Applications – e-commerce
  • File and folder Organisation
  • Computer Security
  • Introduction to Publications and Presentations
  • Applications of Desk-Top Publishing
  • Social Networking
  • Introduction to Multimedia including digital photography
  • Applications of Multimedia
  • Introduction to mobile communications including mobile internet
  • How to use scanning devices
  • How to burn CDs and DVDs and other external media devices
  • Introduction to Spread sheets
  • Applications of spread sheets
  • Ease of Access programs (for disabled learners)
  • Internet Banking

And many more…..

Outside of the normal courses and workshops conducted at the Learning Centres each Centre hosts regular learning sessions with guest speakers on technology related topics. These additional sessions are linked to the more formal lessons undertaken and improve the ability of learners to use their skills (including their technological literacy) in the community. Many Centres also arrange informal get-togethers, such as Questions and Answer sessions where members bring to the session problems they have been having for the group to solve.