Creating opportunities for older people

SeniorNet provides people over the age of 50 with the skills and confidence they need to use computer technology. In small, friendly classes led by voluntary tutors, students learn how to do everything from simple word-processing to sending emails and searching the internet.

The end result? People who otherwise might never have had the chance, and who may have felt left behind by technology, can enjoy the unlimited opportunities that computers bring. They can keep in touch with family and friends, explore their hobbies, and do the little things many others take for granted, such as checking a bus timetable.

SeniorNet is a community-based network with Learning Centres nationwide and a membership of approximately 17,000 people.

Each Learning Centre is run by its own team and is supported by the Federation of SeniorNet Societies, which manages resources and funding.

If you would like to help us to give older people the opportunity to learn technology, please contact us.