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Wholesale Toners NZ Limited

Wholesale Toners NZ Limited

Wholesale Toners NZ Limited. (WTNZL) is a small New Zealand based company owned and operated by myself (Vivienne O’Connell).

My company is committed to:

  • Providing a high quality product.
    • All our products are new (both Genuine and Generic) and are of the highest quality
    • I guarantee all our products. For their lifecycle!
  • Delivering outstanding customer service.
    • I often assist customers getting the correct cartridge for their printer. So if you are not sure just call me.
    • I happily provide after sale service. This is particularly appreciated by older people who are not always fully at ease when changing their printer cartridges.
    • I often assist customers when buying a new printer as the cost of buying cartridges sometimes is almost as expensive as the so called “cheap” printer!
    • I courier product daily throughout New Zealand
  • Delivering the best possible price.
    • My prices are much lower than retail prices and among the lowest in New Zealand
    • For the lastest prices and specials please view this pdf file.

    To contact me: